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MAM Yarn Bomb Installation

02/03/2019 10:00 AM ET


  • Free


We will be installing our community-generated outdoor installation art - and we'd love to see you there! 


More about the MAM Yarn Bomb

The Montclair Art Museum is organizing a yarn bomb on our campus trees to bring the fun and color of our galleries outside for everyone to see. Because of the beautiful old-growth (read: huge!) trees on the MAM grounds, this is a big, bright project. We need your help!


We are partnering with local artists, knitting and crocheting groups, and businesses to temporarily turn the large trees on the corner of South Mountain and Bloomfield Avenues into the most vibrant corner in Montclair. We need a lot of yarn and some talented artists who want to claim a tree, or section of a tree, and make it their own! You can create your piece(s) at home and bring it to the Museum when you're done. Your piece can be any shape, size and color - let your creativity run wild! 


The trees will be tagged with the names of all artists or businesses that made them possible. The yarn bomb will be installed on February 3 at 10 a.m.


Fiber art is constantly evolving, using old and new techniques and materials in ways never imagined before. It’s no longer just for women who want to stay home and knit shawls (though if you throw in a cup of tea, we’re there). While the juried exhibition New Directions in Fiber Arts hangs in MAM’s galleries, we want the crafters, the makers, the (legal) artist vandals in our community to get involved in showing the public how beautiful, fun, and sometimes surprising, fiber art can be.


We are still accepting pieces! If you are an artist, business, knitter, crocheter or knitting/crocheting group interested in partnering with MAM to donate talent or materials, contact Gabrielle Frasco at 973-259-5119 orgfrasco@montclairartmuseum.org




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