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Perfect Drawing Workshop

03/23/2019 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET


Children's Workshops


  • Free


Perfect drawing bannerWhat is perfect for you? For a finicky eraser, “perfect” is making sure the book pages stay stark white. For a fun-loving pencil, “perfect” is making a squiggly mess. By doing what they each do best, can this imperfect pair become perfect pals? With each turn of the page comes a new mistake… and a new opportunity to turn it into something wondrous. In this drawing workshop, Max Amato shows young artists and readers, “when we embrace imperfection, we embrace the unknown, opening ourselves up to the world.”


For ages 3 to 7 with an adult companion


Please register in advance on Succeed2gether website.  Maximum 3 children per registration. Walk-ins will be permitted only if there is space.



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